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Harald III Hen, - 1080 -

Harald Hen (Hein), --1080, King of Denmark. Harald was
an illegitimate son of Svend Estridsen and took part
together with his brother Knud and his father-in-law
Jarl Asbjørn in the expedition to England 1069.After
Svend's death he was elected king at Isøre Thing, after
he had promised the people certain laws. The election
caused unrests and some of his brothers went displeased
to Olaf Kyrre in Norway. The byname Hen, meaning a soft
whetstone often smeared with oil (carried in the belt)
was given to him caused by his somewhat dull and
uncommunicative ,yet good-natured disposition, which
easly accepted that others advised him. Those who
counselled him must however have been clever men, which
is seen in his popular laws - they were later ordered
confirmed by the Danish kings at their election.There
were other better conditions in the country, like the
better system and the coinage.

Harald died 17 april 1080 and was buried in Dalby church
in Skåne - a headstone which the tradition assigned
to Harald, is from a much later period.
Note gb: He was married to Margrethe, a daughter of Asbjørn
Jarl. She was his cousin. Asbjørn was his paternal uncle.
Harald died childless.

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Dansk Biografisk Lexicon
Carl Fr. Bricka
Project Runeberg
translation grethe bachmann  ©copyright 


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