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Hakon Jyde, --1131--, ~ Ragnhild), a daughter of Erik Ejegod

Dansk Biografisk Lexicon
Carl Fr. Bricka
Project Runeberg

Hakon Jyde, --1131--, chief, a son of a Jutland
magnate and the Norwegian Sunniva, a daughter of
jarl Hakon Ivarsen and Ragnhild,who was a daughter
of Magnus the Good. From his mother, who was of
high nobility, he was also called H. Norseman or
Sunniva's son. He married a daughter of Erik Ejegod;
acc. to Knytlinga Saga her name was Ragnhild. Saxo
says that H. won his bride by revenging the murder
on Bjørn, Erik Ejegod's brother, and he possibly
already was jarl at the southern border at that time.
He is later mentioned, when he took part in the
conspiracy against Knud Lavard; he met with Magnus
Nielsen, Henrik Skadelår, Ubbe Jarl and his son Hakon
Skåning, and it might be to distinguish him from
Hakon Skåning that he is named Jyde or Norseman. What
made H. join the enemies of his brother-in-law, is not
known; probably he just wanted to weaken Knud's power.
However he left the conspirators, when he discovered
they wanted to murder Knud; but since he had sworn an
oath not to reveal the conspiracy he was not able to
warn Knud about the danger. After Knud Lavard was
murdered in Haraldsted Skov (7. Jan. 1131) H. left his
passive role; together with Skjalm Hvide's sons and
Peder Bodilsen he stirred up the Zealanders against
Magnus and thus started revenging the murder. From this
time he is not mentioned.He was the father of Erik Lam,
king 1137-46.

H. Olrik, Knud Lavard.

Hans Olrik.

Dansk Biografisk Lexicon
Carl Fr. Bricka
Project Runeberg
translation grethe bachmann  ©copyright 

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