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Henrik Skadelaar ~ Ingerid & their son Buris Henriksen

Dansk Biografisk Lexicon
Carl Fr. Bricka
Project Runeberg

Henrik Skadelaar, --1134, royal descendant,
was a son of Svend Estridsen's son Svend, who
in 1104 in a forced manner craved for becoming
king in Denmark, but died on his way to Viborg
Thing. This ambition was inherited by H. Envy
and hatred were ruling his ways when he saw he
was shadowed by others, and the handicap which
gave him his byname, might even more have urged
him to bitterness. King Niels' queen, Margrethe
Fredkulla, who by arranging various marriages in
the royal house tried to secure the peace, also
wanted to win H.; he married Margrethe's brother's
daughter Ingerid,and at the same time Knud Lavard
married her sister's daughter Ingeborg. The queen
attached much importance to these marriages and
gave each bride a fourth of her Swedish paternal
property.In this way H. achieved property in
Sweden, which was later the starting point of his
son Magnus' demand of the Swedish kingdom ; in
Denmark H. owned among other things - as seen
from his son's gift-letter to Tvis Kloster -
widespread property in the Holstebro-area.

H. is especially known for his violent hatred
against his cousin Knud Lavard, whose honour
and power caught his envious eyes. Various
events increased this enmity.Ingerid was fed up
with her husband and went away with a lover, and
H. had to travel far and wide  before he caught
her at Aalborg; strangely enough he blamed Knud
for this. He wanted Knud's death and he urged
the weak king Niels to summon Knud to a meeting
in Ribe in order to give an answer to the
accusations of having done harm to the Danish
king and his kingdom, but when Knud's proud
answer disarmed his enemies, H. tried once more
to urge Niels against Knud. H. was the real
originator of the conspiracy against Knud, and
he became the leader of the delibarations. H.
drove the more kind-hearted Magnus to
assassination; and when Hakong Jyde left the
conspirators, H. forced him to swear an oath not
to reveal anything.

H. followed Magnus to the bloody misdeed in
Haraldsted Forest; and as soon Magnus had taken
Knud by surprise and cleaved his head, H. came
to and threw his spear through him. (7. Jan. 1131).
When king Niels after this was forced by the
Zealand thing-men to send Magnus in exile, H.
and others made the old king call back his son
and thereby he provoced the most violent civil
war, which had ever been fought in Denmark.
During the sudden upheavals H. probably hoped
for the title as king; but in the final battle
at Fodevig (4. Juni 1134) both he and Magnus and
many of their followers were killed. H. left
several sons: Magnus and Regnald played for a
short time a role in Sweden, Knud and Buris were
both connected to Denmark's history.

H. Olrik, Knud Lavard.

Hans Olrik.

Ingerid, --1134--, a daughter of the Swedish king
Inge I's son Regnald, who was first married to Henrik
Skadelaar.Her paternal aunt Margrethe Fredkulla, who
arranged the marriage gave her a part of her Swedish
property as dowage. I. gave birth to several sons,
but caused by Henrik's unpleasant character and her
own loose morals the marriage was unhappy. Ingerid
took flight dressed as a man with one of the
housecarls, but Henrik persued them and found her in
Aalborg in a slave woman's clothes and brought her
back home. After his fall (1134) she married the
Norwegian king Harald Gille, with whom she had the
son Inge. When Harald was murdered (1136), she
succeeded in having her son Inge celebrated king in
the southern Norway, while his halfbrother Sigurd Mund
was celebrated in Trøndelagen (1137). After this she
married the mighty Ottar Birting; but he was
assassinated by one of king Sigurd's men, whereafter
she had a son Orm with a man named Iver Sneis; Orm
later became one of his halfbrother Inge's trusted
men.Finally she married for the fourth time Arne at
Stodreim, which was now called «Kongsmaag». They had
3 sons, Inge, Nicolaus, famous as bishop in Oslo and
a ruthless party leader, and Philip, and a daughter
Margrethe. I. was said to have participated in the
assassination of Sigurd Mund (1155), but had hardly
any great influence in general. With Erling Skakke
and her husband she fled after Inge's fall back to
Denmark (1161),but returned to Norway again and died

Munch,  Det norske Folks Hist. II.

Hans Olrik.

Buris (Henriksen), --1167(?), Prince. He was a son
of Henrik Skadelaar, and a son's son's son of
Svend Estridsen. Although his father had been one
of Knud Lavard's killers , he was on Valdemar I's
side in the civil wars and played an important
role in this. Valdemar appointed him hertug (duke)
of Sønderjylland. Later he took part in the
expeditions to the Wends with distinction.But the
king always had some suspicions about him, since he
as a member of the royal family might wish for the
royal power for himself or his descendants, and
this suspicion grew worse, when B. in 1166 was
unwilling to acknowledge Valdemar's son as heir to
the throne. At last he agreed in this, if his duchy
was made hereditary. The king also suspected that B.
was connected to his Norwegian enemies, with whom he
was related on his mother's side, and he let him
take prisoner for life in 1167. This is what Saxe
said; but German history writers tell that he was
terribly mauled and later killed. In the old folksongs
about his illegal relation to the king's sister
"liden Kirsten" it seems that he is mixed with a
brother of queen Sophie, Boleslaus or Burislaus. He
had founded Tvis kloster and been married to a daughter
of Erik Lam's widow in her third marriage with a Graf
of Winzeburg.

Saxo. Suhm, Hist. af Danmark VII.
Grundtvig, Danmarks gl. Folkeviser III, 82 f.

J. Kinch.

Dansk Biografisk Lexicon
Carl Fr. Bricka
Project Runeberg
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