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Saltensee of Linde

ruins, Søborg slot, foto 2002: gb


Dansk Biografisk Lexicon
C.F. Bricka

Saltensee, Erik Nielsen, – ab..1379, of  Hørningsholm (now Hørsholm),
Søholm and Linde, called himself only E. N., but had a murtinde
(wall peak) in his coat of arms, a family, which in the family books have
the name Saltensee; with what right is unknown. His father was Niels
Eriksen of Linde, his mother was probably called Cathrine Timmesdatter
of Søholm. He is mentioned from 1361, and it seems that he, at king
Valdemar Atterdag's death, belonged to the party which wanted  the
Mecklenburg hertug Albrecth (Henriksøn) elected king, but since the
hertug died soon after, he probably joined king Oluf, whose coronation
charter 1376-77 he has sealed. He was chief  at skanderborg (castle) in
1377 and was together with other Jutland slotshøvedsmænd (castle
chiefs) summoned to meet at the emporial  tribunal, but the next year he
was chief at Søborg (castle) . Shortly after, before 22. March 1380, he
died after having founded a Vikarie  in  Roskilde cathedral and given
soul gifts elsewhere. He left a childless widow, Ingeborg Pedersdatter
Grubbe, who later married hr. Johan Olufsen Bjørn.

C. Christensen, Hørsholms Hist. S. 4 f.


Staarup Hovedgaard, foto: gb

Saltensee of Linde Staarup Hovedgaard

From Blog:
Ancestral Line I, 7th generation:

7. g.:
Jens Kaas of Taarupgård, Volstrup and Votborg at Mors, (ment.1477-1519), m. to Edel Lagesdatter Saltensee of Staarupgård. Her forefathers from her great-grandfather were:
a) Lage Grummesen Saltensee, ment. in Ørum in Fjends herred 1360. Son: b) Hr. Jep Lagesen Saltensee of Staarupgård (ment. 1377-1410), m. to Edel Christiernsdatter Munk from an old family with a Mursnit (brickwork) in their coat of arms, of Koustrup in Thy. Son: c) Lage Jepsen Saltensee of Staarupgård (ment.1401-38), m. to Ide Iversdatter Juel of Daubjergård, from the family Juel with a star in their coat of arms, a daughter of Iver Juel of Øgelstrup and Astrup, (ment. 1421,d. 1468) and first wife Mette Lauridsdatter Hvas of Ormstrup, whose mother was a Strangesen. Iver Juels father was rigsråd Jens Pallesen Juel of Øgelstrup (ment. 1410-28), m. to Karen Christiernsdatter Fasti.

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