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The Family Bjørn

Bjørn, Danish ancient nobility-family, origins from Fyn (Funen) and possibly related to the families Munk from Fjellebro and Stoile in Halland, whose coat of arms likewise shows a bear's paw. The Bjørn family goes back to Oluf Bjørnsen (1310) of Stensgård at Fyn, who was the paternal grandfather of Oluf Bjørnsen Bjørn ( + 1381) of Stensgård, whose sons were rigsråd Johan Olufsen Bjørn (ment. betw. 1377 and 1416) and rigsråd Bjørn Olufsen (+ ab. 1434) of Stensgård. The last mentioned was the father of Jachim Bjørn (+ bef. 1467) and of rigsråd Johan Bjørnsen Bjørn (ment. betw. 1433 and 1472) of Nielstrup, whose son Bjørn Johansen Bjørn (ment. betw. 1457-1503) of Voldby was the father of Johan Bjørnsen Bjørn ( + ab. 1533) of Nielstrup, Stensgård and Voldby. Above mentioned Jachim Bjørn was the paternal grandfather of Bjørn Andersen Bjørn (ment. betw. 1490 and 1507) of Stenalt, whose son's son, rigsråd Bjørn Andersen Bjørn (1532-83) was the father of Jacob Bjørn (1591-96), who died as the last male of his family.Several civil families have used this name.
(Albert Fabritius)

Bjørn Andersen Bjørn of Stenalt ( mentioned between 1490 and 1507) was the father of Anne Bjørnsdatter Bjørn, who was married to Niels Kaas of Taarupgård og Staarupgård. They had four sons, Bjørn, Jens, Jørgen and Niels Kaas.
( forfædrelinie I og III)

Bjørn Andersen Bjørn, + earliest 1507 of Stenalt, nobleman. Buried in Frue kirke in Aalborg. Parents Anders Jacobsen Bjørn of Vorgård (+1490) and Anne Lauridsdatter Muus of Stenalt. Married to Anne Henriksdatter Friis of Odden, (+ 1542) ( who was married second time to rigsråd Ove Lunge ), a daughter of Henrik Friis of Stolliggård ) and Anne Olufsdatter Lunge of Odden.(Henrik Friis was married second time to Margrethe Mogensdatter Krabbe).

Bjørn Andersen Bjørn is mostly known for his participation in the kill of rigshofmester Poul Laxmand in 1502, probably shortly after this event he sought and had from king and rigsråd the verdict that he only in self-defence had assisted the instigagor Ebbe Strangesen. Neither Ebbe nor BAB were held responsible for the kill, they are on the contrary both mentioned in high positions; BAB as a vasal in Rougsø herred, and in 1507 at Ravnsborg.
(Danmarks Adelsårbog IV, 1887, s.91); (Dsk Mag.4 rk, VI 1886,s 287f); C.F.Allen: De tre nordiske rigers historie I, 1864, s. 282 ; E. Arup: Danmarks historie II 1932, s.296.

Bjørn Andersen Bjørn (the younger) 1532-83 of Vinstrup and Stenalt, rigsråd. , b. 30 July 1532 at Stenalt , d. 15. Oct. 1583 at Bjørnsholm, buried in Ørsted kirke.(Randers amt).Parents Anders Bjørnsen Bjørn of Stenalt, (d. bef. 1540) and Anne Gjordsdatter Drefeldt.
1) married to Sidsel Truidsdatter Ulfstand, d. 7 Aug. 1561, buried in Ørsted kirke, a daughter of Truid Gregersen Ulfstand of Torup and 1. wife;
2) married 29. June 1567 at Københavns slot to Karen Henriksdatter Friis, b. 21. Dec. 1541 at Ørbæklunde, buried 3. June 1601 in Ålborg Bodilskirke, a daughter of Henrik Friis of Ørbæklunde (1496-1571) and Margrethe Nielsdatter Bild (1508-71).

Bjørn Andersen Bjørn was landsdommer (High Court Judge) in Sjælland 1562-66, provisioner the same place 1563-66. Besides some lesser vasalries in Denmark and Norway he had Københavns slot and Aalborghus from 1580 until his death. 1567 he became rigsråd. By inheritance and marriage he collected considerable riches, in Jylland Stenalt and Voer, at Sjælland Vinstrup and Vinderup (now Eriksholm). He exchanged his sjællandske farms in 1573 with the king in return for the main part of Vitskøl kloster and other estate in Jylland. From Vitskøl kloster he established the main farm/manor Bjørnsholm, and at this as well as his other farms he partly let build new buildings, while he still took care of the belonging churches and schools. Bjørn Andersen Bjørn belonged to the historical interested circle within the højadelen (highest nobility), who supported the works of Anders Sørensen Vedel, and it was at his request that Hans Mogensen translated Philippe de Commine's Memoirs. - Grave stone with portrait in Ørsted kirke, Randers amt.
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After Thiset's Danish text: grethe bachmann
Dansk Biografisk Lexicon,
Carl Frederik Bricka
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