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Pallig Tokesen ~ Gunhild Haraldsdatter

Danelagen after 886, wikipedia

Pallig Tokesen
* ab. 955 + 13. november 1002
Gunhild Haraldsdatter + 13. november 1002

Tømmerby Church, North Jutland

Pallig Tokesen was a son of Toke Gormsen and unknown mother. He was born ab. 950-955 , maybe in England. He was married to Gunhild Haraldsdatter, a daughter of Harald Bluetooth; she was born ab. 986. They were both murdered in the big massacre upon the Danes in England on St. Brice's Day 13. november 1002, named 'Danemordet'. It was organized by King Æthelred II, after he in vain had tried to buy himself free of the eternal Danish attacks by offering Danegeld. It is also mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle that he gave generous gifts to Pallig in estates and gold and silver.

Vikingship engraved in church wall in Hansted, Hanstholm. The church from 1100s is situated close to the North Sea on a north western point of Jutland.

Æthelred had a treaty with a part of the viking army, who helped him against the Danish attacks, but they seemed to have turned against him in 997, and in 1001 Pallig himself collected some ships, deserted the king and joined forces with those, who may have been his former associates. In 1002 the king ordered to 'be slain all the Danish men who were in England' ; he had been informed that they would deprive him and possess his kingdom afterwards. Sven Tveskæg and his vikings took a bloody revenge in 1003 - and after many fights and battles Sven became lord over all England, but this is another story.

Pallig and Gunhild's son:
Toke (Palnetoke) Palnesen * ab. 975, died (?)

photo: grethe bachmann ©copyright

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