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Palne Slau Tokesen * 990-995 + ab. 1034 (Slag Hvide)

Palne Slau Tokesen

Landet church.

Palne Slau Tokesen was said to be a true viking; he was at the same age as his cousin, Knut, and it's likely that they might have grown up together by their mothers in the royal family for some years, while their fathers were on expeditions to England.
Palne was married to Ingeborg Ottarsdatter before 1009; she was a daughter of the Earl Ottar of Gotland.Palne's extra name 'Slag Hvide' indicates that the Hvide-name might have been used earlier in the family.
In England lived a Scandinavian , Thurkil the White in the early 11th century, mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; he was married to Leofflæd, and his nephew was Thored the Staller, owner of land in Kent, also a Scandinavian, maybe Danish. The name Hwitæ/Hwita is sometimes mentioned in A/S Chronicle in the ninth and tenth century, but of course it need not be of Danish connection.

Troldkirke, North Jutland

What we today call the Hvide-family include Toke Trylle Palnesen's son Skjalm Tokesen Hvide's many descendants on both the male and female line for more than 200 years. In nobility genealogy you generally only count the male line, and a family becomes extinct, when the last male dies without male heirs. But it is different as to the Hvide-family. Regarded genealogically the women in this family are equal and enjoy the same status as the men, and this point of view is closer to the family conception of the Middle Ages than today's narrow male dominated genealogy of the nobility.

There is a short span of years between the generations from Toke Gormsen and up to Toke Trylle Palnesen's son Skjalm Tokesen Hvide, but they fit well enough. People got married and had children at an early age, young men got married at the age of 19-20 and sometimes earlier, and the girls often in their early teens.

Palne and Ingeborg's son was:
Toke Trylle Palnesen, * ab. 1010, + ?, married to Cæcilia?

Palne's brother Åge Tokesen was married to Thorgunna Vesetesdatter, a daughter of Vesete, chief of Bornholm. Åge was born before 997 and killed in a battle against the Wends on Lolland-Falster (year?). Their son Vagn Åkesen married Ingeborg Thorkelsdatter, a daughter of Thorkel in Leira. It was said that Vagn killed Ingeborg's father in the Battle of Hjørungavaag in 986. Thorgunna and Vagn's daughter Thorgunna married the mighty Danish earl Thrugot Ulfsson Fagerskinna of the powerful Thrugot/Thrund-family, and their daughter Bodil Thrugotsdatter became queen of Denmark when she married Erik 1. Svendsson Ejegod.

photo: grethe bachmann

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