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Ingeborg, –1131–, was a daughter of the Russian prince (Grossfürst) Mstislav 1. and Christine, a daughter of the Swedish king Inge Stenkilsson, who had spent much of his life in Russia and got married in Russia to Helena who probably was a Russian.

Ingeborg's father Mstislav of Kiev was a son of prince Vladimir I Monomachos of Kiev and (Gytha?). He built numerous churches in Novgorod, and a cathedral of St. Anthony Cloister from 1117 survives to the present day. Later he built important churches in Kiev. He was the last ruler of the united Rus.

Mstislaw married princess Christine of Sweden in 1095. They had many children and among those was Ingeborg, who is referred to in several names Ingeborg of Russia, Ingeborg of Novgorod, Ingeborg of Kiev. Most of her sisters and brothers were married in Russia, but she had a sister Malmfred whose first marriage was to Sigurd 1. Jorsalfar of Norway and her second marriage to Erik, a illegitimate brother of Knud Lavard, (Knud was the only legitimate son of Erik Ejegod and Bodil Thrugotsdatter) . Erik and Malmfred were married in ab. 1130 and in 1134 Erik became Danish king as Erik II (byname Emune = meaning "the always remembered") He was killed 18. July 1137 on a thing-meeting in Schleswig, it was said that his killer was the nobleman Sorteplov. He left Malmfred and a frillesøn (an illegitimate son).

Ingeborg' and Malmfred's mother Christine died on January 18, 1122, and their father Mstislaw later married Liubava Dmitrievna , the daughter of a nobleman from Novgorod. Their children were Vladimir II Mstislavich and Euphrosyne of Kiev who was married to king Geza II of Hungary in 1146. Through Euphrosyne Mstislaw is an ancestor of king Edward II of England and hence of all subsequent English and British monarchs. Through his mother Gytha? (was Vladimir married to Gytha, or was she a mistress?) he is part of a line between Harold II of England and the modern line of English kings founded by William the Conqueror??? Doubtful.

So, two sisters married two brothers. Ingeborg and Knud Lavard, Malmfred and Erik Emune. They both lost their husbands in a tragic way. Ingeborg and Knud Lavard's history is the most famous.

Ingeborg married Knud Lavard in ab. 1116. The legendary tale about Knud's proposal via the merchant Vidgaut is not historically correct, the marriage was due to Ingeborg's mother's sister queen Margrethe Fredkulla, who even gave Ingeborg a part of her Swedish paternal estate for dowry. Ingeborg advised in vain Knud against his going to the Christmas meeting in Roskilde in 1130 . He was murdered by his cousin Magnus on January 7. 1131 in Haraldsted skov, and eight days later Ingeborg gave birth to a son who was named Vladimir after his great grandfather and who became the Danish king Valdemar I the Great. Beforehand Knud and Ingeborg had three daughters Margrethe, Kirsten and Cathrine. When the chief Christiern Svendsen (he was Knud Lavard's cousin, a son of Bodil Thrugotsdatter's brother Svend) after the kill of Erik Emune wanted to crown the little Valdemar king in 1137, Ingeborg opposed most strongly against it . After this time she is not mentioned in history anymore.

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